A HOT Memorial Day Weekend

by - May 30, 2011

Summer is here! I know that the calender says it's not until 6/21...but based on today's temperatures..its today. Everyone in the South considers Memorial Day Weekend to be the official start of summer.  I've been gone from the South for so long that I almost forgot what hot and humid felt like.

Last summer I moved back to the South after 7 years in Seattle. I moved in June and the photo above shows how hot it was the first week I was here.  It was HOT. As Matthew Broderick said in Biloxi Blues:  "Man it's hot. It's like Africa hot. Tarzan couldn't take this kind of hot.".

Biloxi Blues
Speaking of Matthew Broderick, what is he up to these days? He was so fun to watch in those summer flicks of the '80s.  Of course everyone thinks of Ferris Bueller's Day Off when they think of Matthew Broderick.  That was a fun one. It was the first time we saw Charlie "Winning" Sheen in a movie...so there's that.

Funny to think that Ferris Bueller is married to Carrie Bradshaw.

As I write this post it occurs to me that I would LOVE to have a movie marathon in a nice cool theater (perhaps in one of my favorite people's homes??) with some really fun nostalgic movies.

If my peoples are listening I will make a list here.  It may not be in order of preference...I just like numbering things.

1. Sex And the City (the original movie).  I love watching that movie. It feels just like hanging with girl friends.  I've been missing my girls.
2. Ferris Bueller. ~I'm throwing this one in for one of my peeps.  I know he loves it.
3. Biloxi Blues. ~ Why not? That line is too funny not to want to see again.
4. Lady Hawk.  ~ This one is too sweet.
5. A Breed Apart. --With Rutger Hauer and Powers Booth.

I don't have any recent movies of Matthew in my line up. Here's hoping that he has more of this look (to the right) and less the look like he had in The Producers.  --Because really?  What was that?

Hope everyone had a good Memorial Day Weekend. I know this blog didn't say it...but I do appreciate our Men and Women that are serving our country...both home and abroad. I like to think of this weekend as a chance to think and thank those that are still serving as well as remembering those that have sacrificed for us. I also want to say, I especially think about the families that are having to live without their loved ones for such extended periods of time.  --I had to live without mine for a mere 3 months and I missed him horribly. I can't imagine what it is like for those that have longer periods apart.  Heck, I can't go an entire day without talking on the cell and texting several times. My heart goes out to anyone that has to be apart from the ones that make it all worth it.

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  1. You bring the movies and I'll provide the theater. Carl

  2. Yeah, I think Matthew Broderick is just busy being Mr. Sarah Jessica Parker. That's probably quite a job. :-)


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