Saturday, January 1, 2011

Blogging and Social Media

Day One of 2011 and I'm actually doing something on my resolution list.  --Writing..."Real Writing".  Not list making or doodling but writing. Writing with the goal of being read.  I think blogging may be much like sending a message in a bottle.  Sending the thoughts out to sea with the hope that it will be found, read and even responded to.

Blogging seems to be an extension of the social media that has exploded. I'm late to the party...but joining the party none the less.  And I'm excited to be here.

I posted my first Facebook Post on 8/20/08. I wrote: "How do you decide between Facebook and MySpace? I know I have a MySpace, but don't remember how to get to it. This could be fun, but I really don't have the hang of it yet".  I feel much the same way as I start this blog.  --I really don't have the hang of it yet, but definitely think it will be fun.

I quickly became addicted to FB. The immediacy of communication and "shout outs" continues to add another dimension to my friendships. Photos and videos add to the richness. When I first became an avid FBer it was a rewarding way to keep connected to friends and family that lived "back home" while I lived across the continent in Seattle, WA.  As my FB friending continued to expand I was able to enjoy the wicked humor of my Seattle friends. And live vicariously through some of them as they were fully a part of the urban scene. Now that I have moved back to my home town of Durham, NC I am able to still enjoy the friends that I have come to love so much.

Recently one of my friends deleted his FB account.  --I assume he deleted his account rather than simply defriending me.  I am sad that he is gone and fear it will be harder to keep up the connection using old fashioned methods.

I have always enjoyed staying in touch with my friends even when our geographies have changed. My husband and I made our first major move from Durham to Va Beach when we were young in our marriage.  There I found a friend that deepened when I became a mother.  We were young mothers together, taking our children to parks to play, going swimming with the kids and even taking them to an art museum.  We really enjoyed each other and gave ourselves permission to pursue our interests...children in tow. When Jordan and I moved again my heart ached for my friend. But we were both avid letter writers and our friendship endured and became even more intimate over the years.

Sadly, we both dropped our pens at some point. As I grew older I found myself with an exhaustion that led to writer's block. The FB medium has created a refreshing and spontaneous way to stay in touch. I believe that intimacy is as much about the "everyday" and one liners as it is about soul searching sharing.

I once had a boss that railed against technology's increasing place in our society. She believed the new generation entering the work force are plagued by a sort of Attention Deficit induced from the immediacy and accessibility of information.  She also believed email to be the beginning of the end of "real" personal connection.  I can only guess that she would believe Social Media like Facebook would be further proof of her theory.  I, however, believe just the opposite is true. 

My most recent post to Facebook:  Kimberly "Is going to start a blog...stay tuned"


  1. thanks for linking up! I really hope blogging has been all that you hoped.

    1. I'm glad you put together such a cool hop.

  2. I feel the exact same way about social media. I'm so grateful for Facebook in its most raw form. If it weren't for email and FB, I'd still have never seen my brand new niece...or my cousin's wedding photos, etc. Good stuff!


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