Sunday, July 26, 2015

Women's Fitness Trends

I've been playing around looking and found this fun slide show about the "business" of women's fitness, that I wanted to share.

Why do I like this presentation?
First of all, I see my history in some of the trends the presentation discussed. 

I am fascinated with its sociological perspective. The slides touch on the differences in what motivates a woman to exercise compared to a man. These are not surprising revelations. I hadn't really thought too much about that before. 

When I think about it, it clarifies that women will want and benefit from a different approach to exercise. Years ago when I decided I needed a fitness center approach to fitness I joined a "Ladies Only" gym. It was the perfect way for me to acclimate myself to going to a gym. --I was not in shape, I was trying to lose post baby weight and I needed to improve my endurance. I was incredibly shy to put on my "gym" shorts and workout top to go out and sweat in public.

This may sound strange but...
I was not an athletic child. I was the girl that tried to find ways to get allowed to skip PE class. I HATED PE class! PE class was a forum to showcase all things that made me uncomfortable. Like changing clothes in a very public space. I always felt exposed and inadequate. 

The actual "class" was no better.  We had to go out into the gym or field and compete with co-ed teams. No matter what the sport was, it was something I was hopelessly bad at. When others on your team are good at the particular sport AND they are reasonably competitive, being the weakest link is no fun.

Back to my point;
So willingly going to a gym took a lot of my mental willpower. I gave myself credit for putting on my gym shoes and walking through the door. Once inside, I was less intimidated and learned how to work the circuit machines, which gave me confidence.

Jack Lalanne...
That is triggers memories of my mom. She watched Jack Lalanne and exercised along with him. He made exercise accessible to everyone. You didn't have to join a gym. You didn't even have to buy weights. Instead he would suggest using soup cans as weights.

I've been kicking my "work out" habit in gear.
Which makes me think about my own personal evolution towards fitness.

Take a look at the slide show and let me know what you think.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Reading: "Dear Internet"

It seems I've only been reading memoir or biography lately. But sometimes a girl (me) just wants a fun novel to read. I found one that I enjoyed in a single sitting!

Avery uses the internet as a personal reference tool. It's sort of like her Magic 8 Ball. Avery has even joined the (fictional) HowTo.Com, complete with a personal advisor. Avery has come to trust (and rely on) her HowTo advisor, trusting "her" more than her husband. Case in point, Avery is on her phone asking and receiving answers to questions about her husband's fidelity. She is doing this while at a restaurant with said husband. "Don't judge me", she says to us. "Call me Phone Face..."  And right there I know that Avery must be some sort of kindred spirit.

I have been known to have my nose in my phone while waiting on food at our favorite breakfast place. And when I read FB posts about how sad friends are about the "state of our technology obsessed culture", I feel judged. And yet, I want to ask, how is this different from Ricky Ricardo reading the paper with his morning coffee? But...I digress. My point is: Avery, you will get no judgement from me.

I want to make sure I don't give ANY spoilers. So let me just say, "Yada yada yada, Avery and her husband separate."

Why is it that I love a story that begins with a relationship "do over"? In this case it's because the story is funny. I suppose it's a "You're going to make it after all" type of thing that I find hopeful.

Avery's personal life implosion coincides with a dramatic change in leadership at the newspaper she writes for. Exit cool boss and enter an icy Cruella de Vil boss. Life just got a whole lot harder.

And also becomes more least for me. The story is a fun Sex And the City meets Nancy Drew and Nellie Bly. Though...not so much Sex and virtually no City...but you get my meaning.

This is a fun beach read!

Until next time!


I received this book free from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Wilmington Tour

It's not hard to guess who one of my favorite people is. (Bad grammar?) It is, of course, Danielle. She also just happens to be my daughter. I know all Moms love their kids and such. But favorite peep goes beyond the mother daughter thing. Danielle makes me laugh so easily. And it's the hearty, can't catch my breath, tears in my eyes laugh. 

This was our first visit to see her new apartment. Danielle has a very good design sense. She has made her place feel like home. She has created such a good life for herself in her new town.
I just love Danielle's sense of adventure. Finding her own place to call home. Not just her own apartment, but her own town. I had only visited the area beaches (which are amazing), but had never spent time exploring what "else" Wilmington has to offer.  Luckily for us, Danielle is a perfect tour guide.

Day 1 was really just an evening with her and her special someone at a really fun restaurant, The Front Street Brewery.
Jordan and I arrived first and were told to expect a 45 minute wait. They alert you that your table is ready via a phone text. 
Here's a pic of the restaurant (and our table). We were seated pretty fast. A lot faster than 45 minutes. The place had a really fun atmosphere and was really easy for us to talk and, of course, laugh.

Our second day was filled with being tourists. Danielle took us to the waterfront and we took a trolley ride/tour, which I recommend. We walked all around the waterfront. It is so very charming. After dinner at another fun restaurant, we called it a day. I was so tired...but the good kind.

Our day 2 was the 4th of July.

We weren't sure what places would be open on the holiday, but decided to spend the day in the downtown/waterfront area again. This time we had an idea of places we definitely wanted to go back to and streets we wanted to walk down.

Wilmington, NC
1st Baptist Church
Wilmington, NC
St. James Episcopal
We spent the early part of the morning strolling down the beautiful historic home lined streets. I did not realize that we have a very beautiful historic city so close to home. On my next trip, I hope to be able to see inside the lovely churches and synagogue.
Temple of Israel

Until next time!