Saturday, December 13, 2014

Getting Into the Holiday Spirit

I've enjoyed lots of blogs sharing favorite yuletide movies and to get into the holiday mood I found myself actually watching a few. Thankfully, the movies I've watched haven't been too sugary sweet.

The first movie I fell into watching was "Dear Santa" (LifeTime). I was drawn in because I was trying to tell if the lead actress was from TV's "Person of Interest". Turns out, yes, she is the same actress. But on "Person of Interest" she's kind of scary/crazy. Though, I think they changed her character as being "for good".  Still...she's kind of dark in that role.

Anywho, her character was not dark in this movie. You could guess that because it was on the Lifetime channel AND the movie is "Dear Santa". But what I did love was that the character was kind of shallow. Not in a "bad" way but in a kind endearingly unaware way, a`la "Clueless". 

There is something to be said about focusing on what color scarf you are going to buy without considering if you can afford it. For me, this is a guilty fantasy moment. The movie begins with Crystal (the lead) window shopping. She is looking at a ridiculously expensive party dress  and her biggest worry is if they have it in her size. 

Later, while her new dress is hanging in her closet, Crystal plays a voicemail from her mother that she half listens to. Mom is saying "blah blah...cut more money...blah blah." I loved Crystal's non-reaction. She calls her best friend and says something like, "It looks like I need to get a job. I really have to focus on that." Then she says, with so much more enthusiasm, "Ooh, you know what else I need? I need a latte," and she tells her friend to meet her at their fav. coffee shop. 

See how great that is? No actual worry...just a passing thought that is equal in value to the thought of having a latte with a friend.

The movie is a fun Christmas story complete with a Christmas miracle or two. So, if you want a 90 minute pick me up...I recommend this one.

Oh, and I threw in my photo of Radio City Music Hall for extra Christmas cheer!



Friday, November 28, 2014

Birthday Girl!

She's 25! I'm writing this in the wee hours of the morning. Twenty five years ago we arrived to the hospital about this time. As I was being wheeled to the birthing room I was earnestly explaining that I wanted them to go ahead and get the epidural ready. I explained that it was in our birthing plan that I get an epidural and I really wanted it now. 

As you may have guessed, the epidural was not forthcoming. Those were the last few hours that "it was all about me". While my husband didn't actually say the words "high maintenance" it can be inferred. 

And 6:20 in the morning life became all about our sweet girl. 

Today she is on of my favorite people to hang out with. She is so fun and makes me laugh so easily!  

A few years ago I shared a few Danielle-isms. That was fun. 

This year I think I'll share some 

1. She is a RUNNER! 
2. She knows how to cook an amazing chicken dinner and a yummy homemade pizza!
3. She knows FUN.

1. Not only is she a runner she is bonafide healthy and fit. She is so dedicated to doing the work to get what she wants! She started with exercise videos and then she began running. She's run a few 5K races and on 8K! Crazy...inspirational. 

2. Danielle has learned to cook from her husband. They both enjoy cooking and eating healthy.  Last week, as she was visiting, she made us the best chicken with rice and beans. So yummy!

3. Danielle not only knows fun... but she is fun. I just love spending time with her!

Enjoy these adorable pictures of the cutie pie!


Saturday, November 22, 2014

Getting Settled

We are almost completely settled in our new place. I knew when I saw our new kitchen that I wanted a pop of apple green. I'm loving this tea kettle. 

The biggest change (although, I don't think that is the right word) we made is our kitchen table. The white kitchen table we had in our red kitchen was our true taste when we lived in a high-rise in Bellevue. We had a tiny apartment with a "view" of the space needle from our kitchen window. The table was a perfect fit. 

We also bought a craft table with two book shelves. We used this as our kitchen island in the "Centerway" house. It was more streamlined than the island counter that was originally in the kitchen. It also complimented the kitchen table. 

Anyway, we let the buyers of Centerway keep the two kitchen tables. They were such a good fit there and we don't have room for both tables in our new place. 
After we got settled and got comfortable in our space we tried to decide what to do about an eating surface. Our first thought was to get bar stools. But here's the thing...the back of my legs begin to hurt when I'm in a bar stool. And I just really wanted to "sit" down for dinner.

We found these amazing chairs before we found the table. They have the mid -century modern look that I love and they have the great green (retro) color. They are surprisingly comfortable. 

Once we had the chairs the table was a pretty easy find. It's a nice addition to our small and cozy place. 

The credenza was in the office/loft in the Centerway house. I'm loving it here. We don't have a fireplace here so this credenza works nicely as a sort of mantle.

That's all my news for now. Have a great weekend!